2023-10-12 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 2023-10-12

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

Topic Proposals:

  • Prepare Cameroonian topics (26.10)

  • Test results form Soldevlos code review

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  • Test results form Soldevlos code review

  • Prepare Cameroonian topics

    • first deep dive on BI Architecture on 26.10 (10 mins each)

      • methodological BI overview (Uwe)

      • Nepal: Metabase

      • openIMIS DHIS2 ETL (Patrick)

      • openHEXA (BlueSquare)

      • OpenSearch / OpenDashboard (SolDevelo/WB)

    • more deep dives on

      • deep dive in January: Workflow engine - e.g. multi level validation, task management, maker-checker logic, use of lightning

      • deep dive in January: AI - how to re-use the AI-module for extended use cases e.g. claim analysis for fewer data volumes e.g. facility based fraud detection; targeting; include data from external sources

      • deep dive on programmes & products 09.11 (link to object diagram)





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