2023-09-06 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-09-05

Objective: Sprint 7 Review


@Artur Lebiedziński




  1. Summary of what was achieved during the sprint.

  2. Showcase

    • Payment adaptor

      • payroll creation process

      • workflow for payment adaptor on Lightning level

      • Maker/checker logic applied on the payroll creation level

      • Maker/checker logic applied on the payroll approval level after callback form Lightining

    • Advanced filters adjustments so the advanced filters are visible and applied only on one tab and might be different in another tabs

    • Maker/checker logic for CRUD operation on beneficiaries level

  3. openIMIS release discussion

    1. The release of openIMIS is about to be done shortly. The code freeze needs to be done.

      1. publish another docker image after September so the end users will be able to

    2. What can be added into the upcoming release?

      1. It’s going to be discussed on separate meeting. We need to go through the product and align if we can consider it as an MVP

  4. Feedback

    • add another workflow on Lightning level for asynchronous payments

    • include summary of total amount included on the payroll level - it’s part of the requirements and going to be addressed

    • ability to download the bills from the payroll level and visualize them in i.e CSV or XLM

    • in CORE-MIS there is an option to delete a particual bill from the payroll (to check if it’s covered currently in openIMIS)

    • disallow option for deleting the already paid bills

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