2023-07-04 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-07-04

Objective: Payments - additional questions


  • @Artur Lebiedziński

  • @Seweryn Niedzielski

  • @Aleksandra Hinc

  • @Oliver Lewandowski

  • @Hiren Soni

  • @Jan Dołkowski

  • @Uwe Wahser


  1. Payments details

    1. each institution may have a different process (normally it’s maker-checker logic).

    2. only automated option is payroll schedule - is not used often

    3. Rebates - additional benefits that beneficiaries may receive

      1. creating rebates is customizable from UI;

    4. Payment Points

      1. used for grouping beneficiaries

    5. Payment service provider

      1. can be for digital payments and offline payments

    6. PPM

      1. PPM has to be created in advanced

      2. Creating PPM is available from UI

    7. Payment cycle

      1. includes Rebates,payment point and PPM

  2. Payroll creation - process explanation

    1. advanced filters show be available once creating new payment

    2. flag for PPM to indicate with payments uses PPM

    3. duplicates are flagged in one payroll (in Payment approval submodule) i.e same phone number is flagged as duplicate


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