2023-07-11 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-07-11

Objective: Sprint 4 Review


@Uwe Wahser



@Artur Lebiedziński

@Damian Borowiecki

@Wojciech Zgliniecki

@Jan Dołkowski

@Kamil Malinowski

@Piotr Kabelis

@Seweryn Niedzielski

@Oliver Lewandowski



  1. Artur has stated the 4th Sprint review.

  2. 4th Sprint review summary:

    • Completed

      • My Tasks

        • Data updates for benefit plan

        • User groups management

        • Core Tasks

        • My Tasks view

      • UI adjustments

      • Roles management in Groups

      • OpenSearch integration

      • User Guides for Custom Filters and Data updates

    • Not completed

      • General calculation rule for Benefit Plan

      • Payment Layer adjustment

  3. Actual roadmap

  4. Showcase

    • Data updates for benefit plans - presented by Kamil

    • UI adjustments - presented by Damian

  5. What shall we do with the changes on UI that we’ve done recently (logo, vertical menu etc.)?

    • to verify if it’s possible to configure how the UI should look like so the openIMIS users will still have the current UX from openIMIS and CORE-MIS users’ll have the UX from CORE-MIS

    • simple configuration of UI should be feasible

    • determine if there exists a convenient way to modify the CSS styles, such as altering base colors and more

Whole sprint scope was not presented due to discussion on UI configuration and modules cooperability.


Action items

  • create a list of what was changed in UI and then we’ll clarify what has to be changable, ideally with the description what how it was changed @Damian Borowiecki @Artur Lebiedziński

  • create a diagram to sum up how to modules cooperate with each other in business matter @Patrick Delcroix



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