2023-08-08 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-08-08

Objective: Sprint 6 Review


@Artur Lebiedziński

@Wojciech Zgliniecki

@Uwe Wahser




  1. Artur started the review with the presentation which is attached below

  2. Showcase:

    1. Payment point entity - presented by Seweryn

      1. Payment point view

      2. Payment point operations

      3. Question from Malike - why we assign the PPM at payment point creation level?

        1. As a method of payment aggregation method

        2. to indicate that payments methods within the payment point

        3. probably we need to delete the option to assign payment method at the level of payment point creation

    2. Payroll creation showcase

      1. we need to have advanced filter on bill page in order to add show and export bills which are not grouped under a payroll

  3. Feedback tickets showcase and documentation

Action items

  • @Artur Lebiedziński Share the links to show current progress in terms of the priorities set on Bonn workshop. Modules overview.

  • @Artur Lebiedziński to add column in the UI configuration and estimation page to indicate what is needed to be done to have those changes as a configuration option. Add row with colours configuration

  • @Damian Borowiecki to create a list of used modules during the integration

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