2023-08-22 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-08-22

Objective: Discussion regarding the payment adaptor and feedback tickets


@Artur Lebiedziński



@Seweryn Niedzielski

@Damian Borowiecki




  1. Discussion regarding the reconiliation of offline payment

    1. we should relay on the REST API for the integration since there is no option to export the data form the mobile app and then import them to the MIS

    2. https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/coremis/pages/3589505025

    3. source code of the app should be on the gitlab

  2. Feedback of current integration

    1. Question mark top right of the screen doesn’t seem to work. → redirect to the confluence of CORE-MIS

    2. OpenSearch reports don’t seem to be configured. → example dashboard has to be set up

    3. The module/group reports I suggest renaming “Dashboard”

    4. Submodules could be “Main”, and then how could other be added?

      1. To review how we can develop the possibility for the dashboards to be configured form the UI → this is going to be the part of the new tender

      2. for the MVP, SolDevelo Team will provide 3/4 dashboard in OpenSearch menus (Dashboard 1 (Individuals), Dashboard 2(Payments),…); 1 dashboard will be configured and used as a proof of concept while 3 others will be the blank ones (just initial setup with OpenSearc

    5. In social protection > programs how to search/filter by locality? Currently through the Advanced Filter once the location data is provided during the ETL process

      1. SolDevelo team to Upload the data with geographical ones to show that searching via location is working on Advanced Filter level

    6. How to modify/ assign people to groups?

      1. Add variables to the groups (main view):

        • ID

        • group representative name

      2. To add in search criteria for Groups:

        • to add advanced filters on the main view of Groups

    7. How to add maker/checker logic for deleting groups? In can be easily extended by development Team once requested and in the future parts of the development

    8. Suggest moving Administration to last item in bar → change the position of Administration to be the last item on the vertical menu

    9. Some clarifications on Individual submodule:

      • Apply search, check one record, go back and the search criteria is cleared. Suggest keeping filter so that one can easily go through multiple names

        • to address this issue to the openIMIS community

      • how can i look for an individual (beyond the name)? ->to add advanced filter on the Individuals level

      • does individual show the relationships (e.g. other household members)?

        • to introduce the funcionality that from the individual view we should see the links between individual and group → 2nd phase

    10. to add the funcionality on individual level, checking what benefit he/she receives and another tab to check which invoices are attached to the certain individual

    11. Retrieve information from particular point in History.

      • Currently we don’t have a feature that would allow us to display information from the certain point in time. We have all necessary information (at least for the HistoryModels) and we should prepare global update for openIMIS GQL Queries that will allow extra filtering by point in time.

    12. Distinguish the Individual name and Surname (may be bolded or to add another column)

Action items

  • @Artur Lebiedziński Share the links to show current progress in terms of the priorities set on Bonn workshop. Modules overview.

  • @Artur Lebiedziński to add column in the UI configuration and estimation page to indicate what is needed to be done to have those changes as a configuration option. Add row with colours configuration

  • @Damian Borowiecki to create a list of used modules during the integration


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