2023-05-30 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-05-30

Objective: First sprint review, feedback and further priorities


  • Dominika

  • Damian

  • Seweryn

  • Kamil

  • Jan

  • Aleksandra

  • Łukasz

  • Andrea

  • Malike



  1. First sprint summary

  • Dominika has summarized first sprint

  • First Sprint Goal was not achieved as we wouldn’t say that Beneficiary upload works properly

  • How scope change affects our timeline?

    • During first spring we’ve started work on features that were outside of scope from perspective of the sprint

    • The timeline for the project should not be affected

  • Current progress

    • Benefit Plan

      • We should add feature allowing us to display “deleted” benefit plans on the UI
        This functionality already exists in other part of the applications so we need to toggle it for Benefit Plan as well.

      • We need to consider situation when user will add new Benefit Plan, however it could be an issue when there’s already “deleted” benefit plan with the same code.

        • Disabled Benefit Plans should be still considered in validation.

      • In search criteria it’d be best to make the panel collapsible

      • Add description fields that will explain what given Benefit Plan is about.

    • Individuals

      • Individual View
        How flexible it will be to setup identifiers system for the individual to make specific fields and make them mandatory?
        In situations when we will have Identifiers we would need to make them mandatory. It could be the case also for other fields.
        We should add Individual Identifiers to the Individual view.

      • We should add multi level approval for the Individual content. It shouldn’t update Individual directly but rather add update to the wait-list that will await designated user confirmation.

  1. Feedback from World Bank team

  2. Next sprint scope


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