2023-06-13 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-06-13

Objective: First sprint review, feedback and further priorities


  • Dominika

  • Artur

  • Damian

  • Seweryn

  • Jan

  • Aleksandra

  • Piotr

  • Łukasz

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • Andrea

  • Malike

  • Patrick



  1. Second sprint summary

    1. Artur has summarized first sprint

    2. Second Sprint Goal was not achieved because the data upload doesn’t work properly and benefit package page was not implemented

    3. What items from not completed will be delivered in the next stages?

      • Data Upload will be finished in Sprint 3

      • Custom filters will be finished in Sprint 3

      • Group roles management will be added in Sprint 4

    4. Current progress

      • Groups

      • Individuals

      • Download

      • Custom filters


  2. Feedback from World Bank team

    1. We should change status select to multiselect

    2. Change “List” label to “All”

    3. Change status type in a database

    4. Remove schema from details

    5. Add labels to advanced filters - to show “less” instead of “lt”

  3. Next sprint scope

  4. Additional feedback

    1. Should we add configuration for UI - navigation position (left, up), color scheme, logo?

      1. It should be configurable already from the backend


Action items


  • We should think how to organize the navigation bar to not duplicate pages

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