2023-05-23 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-05-23

Objective: Update on current progress


  • @Artur Lebiedziński

  • @Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated)

  • @Damian Borowiecki

  • @Jan Dołkowski

  • @Seweryn Niedzielski

  • @Aleksandra Hinc

  • @Kamil Malinowski

  • Łukasz

  • @malike

  • @Andrea



  1. Introduction of new team members:

    1. Łukasz - QA Lead

    2. Aleksandra - Junior QA

    3. Jan - Junior Developer

  2. Current development progress

    1. Benefit plan

    2. Individuals & Beneficiares

      1. Individuals are developed in separate module

    3. Workflow ETL

      1. Decided to go forward with OpenFE/Lightning to create workflow interface and implementation

      2. Lightning implementation will be dockerized and use intial setup adjusted for openIMIS

      3. CSV upload directly in the BeneficiaryPlan

  3. OpenFN Lightning brief showcase



  1. How we can handle repetition of the data in IndividualDataSource?

    • Duplicate is flagged based on different parameters

    • Once duplicate is flaged it shouldn’t be imported but it should receive the error - prompt with error

    • During data uploading there is a real-time validation. Validation is customizable.

    • Solution for searching the duplicates in both levels: durgin upload and after data are in the system.

  2. How it will affect Targeting in the future?

    • Apporach defined above will be aplicable for targeting as well

  3. How to handle failing workflows?

    • When data failed we still keep them in the system but mark them as failed, they are not deleted automatically. The data has to be deleted manually.


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