2023-05-25 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 23.04.2023

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

Topic Proposals:

  • Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Presentations / Attachments

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  • Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1J4yy_LGzKGqRLKauGl-GMBRhSZfrnXEf7qGHUrRe6t0/edit

  • React documentation is already mentioning only SSR so new devs will learn this technologies

  • Agree to move to other frameworks like Vite and upgrade node version

  • SSR:

    • SEO will not be used in any implementation

    • limited bandwidth in some locations constraints

  • Nepal has requirements for offline enquiring and prefers CSR

  • Should plan (Vote?) to move to the new framework in the openIMIS Community Meeting

  • Chose a solution that is not too far from the existing one because countries might not be ready to upgrade too often (issue of JavaScript libraries life?)

  • Training of local teams should be taken into consideration in case of change of library


  • Would require more power for computation in the server side?

  • What alternatives to Vite are used by other organisations?

    • Parcel

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