2023-08-29 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-08-29

Objective: Current progress of the sprint 7th


@Artur Lebiedziński


@Dragos Dobre

@Wojciech Zgliniecki

@Oliver Lewandowski

@Seweryn Niedzielski



  1. Seweryn presented a current progress of Sprint 7th.

  • showing payroll creation with accepting payroll on tasks management level (additional 'Approve Payroll Tasks' section)

  • Payroll has payment method 'StrategyOnlinePayments' which determines using adaptor on lightning level. When you select another strategy - this workflow is not initialized.

  • Once the task with approving payroll is created - status of payroll is changed to 'ONGOING' and the workflow is triggered.

  • Workflow

  • workflow receives the payroll uuid, user uuid and total amount of payroll (aggregated amount of VALIDATE Bills (not Cancelled ones) )

  • 'send_payroll_data_to_adaptor' - here there is a place where implementers can define connections to particular given adaptors gateway. Currently the response is fixed.

  • The endpoint to acknowledge response in openIMIS is called. Moreover payroll status is changed for ‘AWAITING FOR RECONCILIATION' and bills status to 'PAID’

the whole flow in a nutshell on below gif:


Action items

@Seweryn Niedzielski extend workflow to process more than one payroll
@Seweryn Niedzielski consider asynchronous response from API gateway
@Seweryn Niedzielski check if there is possibility to use SOAP on lightning level

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