2023-06-06 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-06-06

Objective: Payments approach discussion


  • Artur

  • Malike

  • Damian

  • Seweryn

  • Jan

  • Aleksandra

  • Łukasz



  1. Question of how goods dsitribution works?

    • @malike mentioned that Goods Distribution may not be one of the deliverables for the MVP. He will confirm it and come back to us with an answer

    • Goods distribution will work in the same way as payments but it will refer to non-cash items. Logic of payments can be used once we’ll clarify if it is one of the deliverables

  2. Payment’s approach presented by @Damian Borowiecki

    • Benefit plan manager is the one who creates a benefit plan

    • Payments cycle periods are not going to be triggered automatically. Manual action’d trigger it at this stage. It means that invoices are not send automatically to the external system and payments are not send directly.

    • In the payment cycle we just have the list and statuses of invoices; triggering payment adaptor is done by the accountant or other epowered person and it’s not restricted to the given time period

    • We can set different criteria for one payroll in the same payment cycle

    • It may happen that there are two different payments provider. We should handle it in a way, when next step of the flow is based on the provider

    • One method to handle to payments is with couple if switches → if PSP is A use this, if PSP is B use that

    • We have to developt payment adaptor per each provider → in the scope of the MVP example of payment adaptor has to be created as a proof of concept

    • PSP should be determined on the level of individuals/beneficiary

  3. Biref summarize of task-approach made by Patrick. In that apporach we would handle the multi level approval. Each change request is going to be handeled as separate “task” and displayed in “My Tasks” module.

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