2023-05-04 Developers Deep Dive - CORE-MIS



Date: 2023-05-04

Objective: Discussion regarding Bonn workshop, agenda and targeting module


  • Artur

  • Damian

  • Seweryn

  • Kamil

  • Malike

  • Andrea


  • Discussion regarding topics for workshop’s agenda

    • Clarification of SolDevelo’s points.

    • WorldBank team would prepare additional material based on SolDevelo’s request - Creating new Core-MIS program, Elastic Stack

  • Targeting module

    • discussion based on targeting flow diagram prepared by @Damian Borowiecki

    • clarification on how tarteging is actually working - potential beneficiaries added to the system is one of the use cases

    • there may be a phase of geographic targeting (can happen inside or outside of the system)

    • not whole targeting proccess is happening in the system

    • each program has hardcoded scoring model which is used to validate it’s beneficiaries, more precised validation is done outside of the system. Scoring is taking place in targeting submission

    • there are multiple ways to add/enroll beneficiaries to the system

  • general overview of targeting module on coreMIS demo instance

Action items

  • @malike will write a manual to clarify how we can set a local environment

  • @malike transfer the requirements for payment module and data cleaning funcionality to confluence page

  • If possible, focus on various funcionalities during Bonn workshops to understand the coreMIS system



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