Idea: Linkage with Beneficiary Registries



OpenIMIS should be able to communicate with different registries. The medium-term goal would be for OpenIMIS to connect to different (standalone)registries.

This space is specifically to discuss the linkage between openIMIS and Beneficiary Registries, and what effect that will have on openIMIS entities and relationships between entities.


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Linkage to various registries


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Local Funding

Part work undertaken in Nepal (linkage with SOSYS), but funding needed to make it comprehensive



This was the idea mentioned during interviews with various stakeholders in February 2021.


Involved Entities

  • Beneficiaries

  • Family

Process Description

This section is a work in progress.

There are different types of registries that might hold beneficiary data. Below are some examples of these registries and related information, with the aim to aid discussions to come up with a generic function requirement in openIMIS for linkages with beneficiary registries.


Linkage details

Reference Tools/Standards



Linkage details

Reference Tools/Standards



Health Client Registry

Registry <--> openIMIS

  • Registry → openIMIS:

    • Get information on ‘client’ for enrollment.

    • Link with unique client identifier

  • openIMIS → Registry ??

  • Registry <-> openIMIS:

    • Get identity and eligibility related info on patient

    • Provide details of diagnosis and treatment provided to an individual to insurer for payment processing.

Different from ‘beneficiary registry’ which might be a social register as the health specific one might have more specific information on health that might be useful in openIMIS - eg. for referral tracking etc.

In some contexts this is seperate registry intended to keep track of individuals when they have an interaction with the health are system.


General Beneficiary Registry
(Social Protection Programmes)

Registry <--> openIMIS

  • Registry → openIMIS:

    • Get information on beneficiary for enrollment.

    • Link with unique beneficiary identifier

  • openIMIS → Registry:

    • Update registry of beneficiary details

    • New beneficiary?

  • Tools

  • Standards

    • ISSA /SPIAC-B standards? (Social protection programmes)


Overview of linkage between SoSYS (beneficiary mgmt system) in Nepal with openIMIS :


Any standard beneficiary registries out there? I don’t know if MOSIP fits, but thats the best I could come up with right now


CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) Systems

Registry <--> openIMIS

Registry → openIMIS: a) Get information on beneficiary (& family?) for enrollment. b) Link with unique beneficiary identifier

openIMIS → Registry?

  • Tools

CRVS might be very country specific and difficult to come up with a generic way of interoperability - unless we just say we interoperate with OpenCRVS (which unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of implementations currently)


Paper based beneficiary registry

Document Management System (DMS) → openIMIS

  • DMS ‘digitizes’ the paper based data

  • We can focus on the interoperability between a 3rd party DMS and openIMIS (potentially via OpenHIM)



Additional points to consider

  • Data ownership

  • Authenticated exchange between registry and openIMIS

  • Data Protection/Privacy Guidelines (eg. GDPR) and how and who gives consent

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Related Reading

  • Example from Employment Injury Insurance in Nepal:

  • Work done under Notice D1 for Formal Sector APIs:

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