DHIS2-openIMIS Integration Production Ready Requirement


@Patrick Delcroix @Eric Darchis @Uwe Wahser @Nirmal Dhakal @Purushottam Sapkota


Meeting Notes

Tracker level extractor

Current solution is not efficient using FHIR to push data from oI to DHIS2

New openIMIS module available to add to recipe

  • transform function available to push to DHIS2

  • currently manual trigger; need to add to schedule

  • most data can be pushed - some remaining - eg. population

  • system is slow

    • eg. few million claims - can take a week+

    • dependent on server specs !

  • Nepal to test this solution on their servers

    • validation

    • performance checks

  • FHIR API/FHIR data model?

    • Compliant/Supporting FHIR standard

  • Development of scheduler required - Eric can help

Aggregate Level Extractor

  • verify actual requests from scheme operators

  • possible configuration options:

    • openIMIS (aggregates) → ADX API → DHIS2 (HMIS)

    • openIMIS (detailed records) → FHIR API → FHIR DB & CQL → ADX API → DHIS2 (HMIS)

    • openIMIS (detailed records) → ETL → DHIS2 (corporate) → ADX API → DHIS2 (HMIS)



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