File importer

create a module that enable to export using excel a database table and can also import it back


the "id" or isureeid mandatory, head of familly should be created first, head fields will be specified of each line and must be empty for the head


Fields exported/imported


head_insuree_number : str - empty for head

insuree_number: str

first_name: str

other_name: str

dob: date - integer (unix) or YYYY-MM-DD

sex: char - M/F/O

village: str : code or name

municipality: str : code or name

district: str : code or name

region: str : code or name

regenerate_insuree_id (optionnal) : bool

photo (optionnal) : b64 encoded



0- validate

0.1 - all location, return fail if a single one is wrong, enrich the list with the location id

0.2 - look for duplicates within the list

0.3- look for already used insuree id (regenerate_insuree_id is null or false)

1- extract the list of the head of family (i.e. head_insuree_number__is_null)

2- create familly if not exist

3- enrich the list of insuree with the family id

4- save insuree






price list




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