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The openIMIS community is currently using various tools for dashboarding. The CORE-MIS integration brought the ELK (ElasticSearch/Kibana) integration that has the drawback of need the application to send precomputed data to the analytics database. Some countries are using Metabase and others went for SuperSet, with similar features. The DHIS2 ETL is also an interesting solution where DHIS2 is already used. This page intends to share the experience of the community: data sets, metrics, charts, etc.

Common considerations between all these tools are the performance and the risk of exposing personal data. The performance issue and isolation is usually first achieved by doing a “read replica” of the database. More advanced uses and protection of personal data can use databases dedicated to statistics with tools like Apache Druid (Cameroon) and others.


A big advantage of Metabase is that it is easy to start a test instance. Download the jar version and java -jar metabase.jar That’s it. Of course, this is a pure Metabase, no Redis cache or anything else.

Used in: Cameroon (contact point ?), Niue (

Licensing: dual license Open-Source and Commercial



SuperSet is very similar to Metabase. Its setup is a bit harder for test instances. Advanced installs are equally complex between the two.

Used in: The Gambia (

Licensing: Apache License


Integrated metrics

OpenIMIS does not yet provide dashboards internally. However, the homepage was designed to allow any module to expose a component on that home. The Claim module for example has a pull request with an example showing the last 10 claims on the home page. The insuree module could do the same. This was intended to allow such basic dashboarding features right into openIMIS.

This feature could easily be combined with the tools above, that all allow to show a dashboard in an “iframe”, to integrate these into the homepage of openIMIS. The performance impact of such an inclusion should of course be considered.


Some pages are dedicated to this integration:



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