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This call seeks to support the discoverability, accessibility, and promotion of global goods, which are crucial for saving lives and improving health around the world. At Digital Square, global goods are digital health tools that are free, open source, impactful, scalable, and adaptable to different countries and contexts. These free and open source digital health tools look to reduce fragmentation and duplication to accelerate scale and health impact. 










There is no financial contribution from the openIMIS Initiative to this opportunity, but we’d be happy to see teams from the openIMIS community apply.

As mentioned in numerous calls, this call is about (re-)adding openIMIS to the Global Good Guidebook, which is being relaunched. Normally this would be a task for the openIMIS co-ordination desk. However, there are funds to be received by the winner, which we cannot consume as GIZ. So we decided to a) send an application from the co-ordination desk to make sure that we are included and b) encourage anyone interested in the benefits to apply on their own. We’ll then sort out the details with Digital Square.

To support you with your application (which is freaking complicated, BTW) I have recorded all the answers into a google doc, so you can just copy&paste them into your own application:  

Note: If you can’t access the document, please make sure that you are logged into Google with the account that received this mail or the linked google user: we are not giving access rights to single documents to individuals – it’s all done through your membership in this mailing list.

I suggest that you start filling your applications with what is in the document, but be aware that the document has not been revised, yet. So you might want to come back and see if there were corrections suggested in order to transfer them to your application just before the deadline approaches – once you submit your application you cannot correct anything any more.

Good luck to all the bidders!



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