Asian Development Bank - Improve Health Insurance Information Systems and Related Capacity Development

The Asian Development Bank is looking for a firm to:

  • Conduct assessments of the current policies, strategies, and levels related to utilization of digital technology in the business processes of a government-supported health insurance scheme in
    each of two ADB developing member countries (DMCs).

  • Support the national health insurance schemes in two DMCs to improve their information systems
    and build related capacity, especially to apply digital technology in their insurance-related
    business processes.

  • Conduct a training program to improve the capacity of staff from government-supported health
    insurance schemes in Asia and the Pacific in maintaining and improving their information systems,
    especially in applying digital technology.

  • Develop a summative knowledge product (report) on the potential for use of digital technology
    to improve the ability of more nascent government-supported insurance schemes in the region to
    achieve better outcomes.




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There is no financial contribution from the openIMIS Initiative to this call.


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