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Digital X finds proven, innovative digital solutions and offers them the chance to partner with UNDP’s 170 Country Offices and receive funding up to $100,000.‍ Any team with a proven, ready-to-scale digital solution can apply to a Digital X Global Challenge and be listed in the Digital X Solutions Catalogue. This includes UNDP or UN teams with digital solutions, registered social enterprises, universities, private sector companies, NGOs, and nonprofits. Learn more about our six themed Global Challenges here. Please note, only UNDP Country Offices can apply for funding in partnership with teams or digital solutions that are first listed in the Digital X Solutions Catalogue starting 1 June.




Expression of Interest









There is no financial contribution from the openIMIS Initiative to this call.

Please read the conditions carefully: this application seems to be limited just to the catalogue entry into the UNDP Digital X Solutions Catalogue, which would be a prerequisite to apply for future funding rounds with UNDP.

Phase 1

The openIMIS Initiative registered openIMIS as such in the first step: https://digitalx.undp.org/apply.html

openIMIS was in a batch of ca. 130 from ca. 1000 incoming proposals that were selected for further processing.

Phase 2

In the next phase, the UNDP's Chief Digital Office has just launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be part of the Digital X Solutions Catalogue. This is more suitable for potential vendors (aka implementers) of openIMIS. If you would like to apply, please follow the instructions on this page: https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=93802

Please note:

  1. Expression of Interest closes August 8 at 5am New York time. Please submit your application before this time.

  2. Please email questions directly to cdo.procurement@undp.org. All questions / answers will be shared with potential vendors (omitting information that potentially identifies a vendor).

We had already registered the tools as openIMIS Initiative in the previous phase (and got already quite far in the process). The benefit to those who got selected will be an entry in the UNDP catalogue of acceptable solutions for UNDP projects in countries (with varying budgets). 

In the current expression of interest YOU will have to register as a potential implementer for openIMIS. Basically the questionnaire is said to be the same as the one we had previously filled, so you can copy and paste most of it from the attached word-doc and just modify your company specific profiles.

There is also a series of timeslots for Q&A this week, that you should use to get clarifications about the process. You can sign up for a session here (they are hosting multiple session options between July 22 – July 29, you only need to join one).


Result: openIMIS was accepted as part of the UNDP Digital X Solution Catalogue and is now a recommended tool for digital projects from UNDP: https://digitalx.undp.org/openimis_1.html



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