GIZ SPIL Tender 3 - 2021

GIZ is tendering for support to develop a payment layer for openIMIS. This tender relates to work strand c of above list and aims to equip openIMIS with the necessary mechanisms to manage in and out bound payments for social protection instruments based on global interoperability standards to easily adapt to various national payment channels and system architectures.

In order to achieve the aim of the contract, the following objectives shall be pursued:

  1. Analyse the current status of available functionalities to handle payments in the new modular version of openIMIS in the light of the activities mentioned in chapter 3.II.b) “Previous Results in the Maintenance and Support of openIMIS” and draft a strategy for implementing the needed functionalities.

  2. Develop the needed functionalities according to the development strategy.

  3. Support the openIMIS Initiative in the integration of necessary changes into the already existing modules.

The three objectives translate directly into the following work packages that the contractor will be expected to complete. Note that the work packages are strongly interrelated and require an integrated approach.

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to develop a payment layer for openIMIS:


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