Digital Square Notice G0.1

While there have been a handful of publications evaluating the costs of digital health investments, there
continues to be inadequate evidence evaluating the impact of these investments on health outcomes.
As such, Digital Square is seeking authors to submit original work to a potential Oxford Open Digital
Health peer review publication supplement. The supplement’s aim is to provide evidence of the health
impact (e.g., coverage gains, lives saved, cases averted, DALYs averted) and/or cost-effectiveness of
digital health interventions, particularly tools listed as global goods. Digital Square will be generating one method paper that can be shared with authors to potentially help inform methodologies. The method paper will focus on leveraging the Lives Saved Tool (LiST) and Digital’s Square’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool to understand impact and costs. Alternative methods are also welcome. We are encouraging submission in a variety of health areas. To be considered for funding, the submissions must be in relation to a global good.











There is no financial contribution from the openIMIS Initiative to this opportunity, but we’d be happy to see teams from the openIMIS community apply.


Good luck to all the bidders!



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