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Depending on which part of the openIMIS community is translating things into another language version, there are currently different, diverging language silos. Web-page, manuals, facts sheets and so on have started to create their own glossary lists which are not harmonized. As a result, different terms are being used for the same things in each of the silos. On the other hand there are international standards set by e.g. FHIR or JLN.


Use of a central glossary in this wiki to manage terms and print-ready documentation pieces in the wiki. The first version was instantiated with glossary terms from the report in

This approach is oriented at the way wikipedia is managing different language version: There is one wiki page for each term which links to the corresponding wiki-page of the term in other language version. If done properly, dictionary tables and glossaries can be created automatically:

  • for translations

  • of definitions of terms

Furthermore, each wiki page can be used to elaborate each term in more detail, e.g. link different alias uses of the term, harmonise different representations in different standards (e.g. JLN, FHIR).

Way forward

  1. Collect all relevant openIMIS resources e.g. dictionaries, definition lists etc:

  2. Harmonise the terms in the English glossary:

  3. Translate the English terms to the other language space, e.g French:

  4. Update and correct document translations based on the openIMIS dictionary:



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