Translation Management platform

Localization is important for openIMIS because it should be available in the country languages, moreover even country that share the same language might use different term for the location level, the identification names ....

after the review of different platform a choice was made:

Project and tags




in addition there is the Frond-end and Back-end Tags


Localize display the reference languages and the translations so one can use those information to make the best translation (see gif below)


The below gif show the added value of the glossary in lokalize; the glossary helps having coherent translations across openIMIS

updating the glossary with the csv update function is not recommended because the uploaded value will over-write all the existing one (e.g absent translation will delete an existing one).

Multi-Language functionality in Confluence

For the cloud version of a Confluence wiki Atlassian suggests the creation of seperate spaces for each language with links to the respective page into other language versions of that page (similar to Wikipedia).

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