2M Corp

  • Nafa Quick- The Nafa Quick Information Management System (NIMS) was built to help the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) of the Gambia manage its information on beneficiaries during the COVID-19 cash disbursement program in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare, the Department of Community Development, the Department of Information Services and the World Bank.  The system was built taking into consideration that it will be used for other programs other than that of the COVID-19 quick response. The system allows the agency to run multiple cash disbursement programs concurrently. 

  • Survey Projects - 2M Corp implements data collection and data analytics project for a plethora of clients. The data team runs data analysis and survey implementation; conducting large scale surveys using tablets and mobile devices. Our team of experts have experience in running surveys at a national level, impact evaluation of World Bank projects and hosting data in the cloud, collected in surveys. We offer a whole suite of services along the survey chain, giving our prospective clients the option to choose which parts along the survey chain they need our services.

  • MCA Quality Management System - The MCA Quality Management System is an application built for the National Medicines Control Agencies. The system automates the agency’s internal processes of registering new applicants for medicines importation and sale (pharmacies). It also automates the licenses and registration certificates genration process.