2021-05-12 openIMIS and OpenG2P




Discuss overlaps and synergies between openIMIS and OpenG2P in the aim of supporting the payment layer for digital social protection schemes. Two Topics were discussed:

  • technical integration of openIMIS and Mifos for payment layer

  • strategy for openG2P integration


12.05.2021 - virtual call


  • James Dailey

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Saurav Bhattarai

  • @Jean Brice Tetka




Mifos.org → mifosX was developed as “headless” banking application 2011:

  • core banking system with apis

  • front-ends and applications by vendors



  • mifos concentrated on applications that connect to core


PaymentHub by Mifos 2019-present

  • payment hub to connect Core with payment mechanisms (switch, aggregators, wallets etc)



  • both a framework and a set of technologies

  • key effort in connecting payment to odoo (Beneficiary Management)


difference odoo vs. mifos:

  • odoo connects to payment rails which don't exist in a lot of countries = focus on banked world

  • mifosPaymentHub also connecting to mobile money or banking systems without a switch, e.g mobile money channels are excluded by conventional banking system

  • odoo might have added functionality, but the topic might be too complex for that

  • strength at odoo: crm, traditional erp, ... -  flexibility, adaptability

  • core mifos (fineract) is a banking system


openIMIS use with odoo / mifos:

  • inbound payments = contributions from beneficiary or policy holder (eg. employer)

-- individual wallets/accounts (simple)

-- request to pay

--> mifos payments hub

--> mifos banking module only needed for more complex accounts (e.g. with interest rates, fee structures etc.)

  • outbound payment = hospital bills, re-imbursements/cash-outs to individuals, payrolls to hospitals & individuals

-- similarity to school capitation / utilisation - done with odoo front end

-- odoo formats payment instructions and sends it to mifos payment hub (who to pay how much)

-- government financial management systems - will need special integration with payment hubs



  • Ebola HW payment system & mifos

  • bundles odk, odoo, mifos payment etc.


next steps:

  • exchange github links

  • set up technical call mifos / openIMIS on getting things done

  • set up business call mifos / SPIAC-B / WB etc on defining standards


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