SOSYS Nepal: openIMIS linkages with beneficiary management systems

Brainstorming call


  1. Saurav Bhattarai, GIZ

  2. Dragos Dobre, Swiss TPH

  3. Siddharth Srivastava, Swiss TPH

  4. Patrick Delcroix, Swiss TPH

  5. Rhonwyn Cornell, Jembi Health Systems

  6. Daniel Futerman, Jembi Health Systems


  1. Presentation from Nirmal Dhakal, GIZ Nepal on Beneficiary Management System of SSF, Nepal

  2. SSF support formal sector

  3. 4 schemes

    1. medical

    2. accident

    3. dependent family

    4. old-age benefits (pension?)

  4. Total contribution from employees - 31% of salary

  5. IT System - SoSYS

    1. ASP.NET C#

    2. Oracle Database

    3. Windows |Server

    4. Role-based security

  6. Processes covered

    1. Employer Registration

      1. Employer Entity

    2. Contributor Registration

    3. Contribution collection

  7. Communication with openIMIS

    1. Registration

    2. Eligibility status

    3. Valuated claims

  8. OpenHIE community also looking into interlinkages between HF systems like openIMIS with client registries and facility registries

  9. Client registries in OpenHIE: Need distinction between client registry and beneficiary registry




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