2023-03-06 Gumzo ya Mwezi

Gumzo ya Mwezi

The monthly chat (kiswahili: gumzo ya mwezi) will help the developer teams to show-case their achievements to the developers committee and to interested members of the implementers committee. The gumzo is oriented at Scrum review sessions: let's celebrate the achievements of the past month!


Date: 2023-03-06

Time: 11:00 am (UTC)

Room: https://meet.jit.si/openIMISDevelopers - kindly indicate your name and organisation (jitsi claims to support Chrome, Chromium & MS Edge and Firefox browsers only.  You might also want to try the jitsi app)

Evaluation form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekY3IntsvuYQQbv3YZFYGYDN-9XiotCqOodDBSIv2uyib8fQ/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.1454293169=Monthly+Gumzo&entry.1968821444=2023-03-06

Participants: (kindly only add yourself, not others):

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Dragos Dobre



The call is specifically addressed to the Developers Committee and the Implementers Committee. Each session consists of 10 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes Q&A - please have your bio breaks before the event

Please prepare your presentations with an eye on:

  • what did we achieve last month

  • where are problems

  • where do we want to go next month

  • rough estimation on the remaining time budget and workload

When (UTC)




When (UTC)




11:00 (UTC)

10 + 5 min


Welcome note, overview & current topics

11:15 (UTC)

10 + 5 min


https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/3394469907 : 3rd Level support and release planning

11:30 (UTC)

10 + 5 min

11:45 (UTC)

10 + 5 min

12:00 (UTC)

10 + 5 min

12:15 (UTC)

10 + 5 min



12:30 (UTC)

10 + 5 min



12:45 (UTC)

10 + 5 min





  • current tenders:

  • Toumai Developers' kitchen talk 2nd call next week (French language)

SwissTPH - 3rd Level support and release planning


Time budget remaining and workload remaining:


    • service bundles not yet included

  • Nepal field trip


Other Topics



Please fill the evaluation form after every call (see link in top ). The results will be updated here, if there is feedback:



Overall mood (status):

GFL:     General feeling about the meeting [very disappointed … very glad]
PRG:     General feeling about project progress (own project) [big trouble … great success]
USE:    Usefulness of the meeting (for own project) [not at all … very much]

Event parameters of the meeting (XYZ needs to be ...):

DET:    Degree of detail [more condensed … more detailed]
FRQ:    Frequency of the event [fewer … more]
LEN:    Length of the event [shorter … longer]
MOD:    Moderation [stricter … more open]


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