Implementers Committee


The Implementers Committee is the operational arm of the openIMIS Product Group. The main responsibilities of the Implementers Committee is to discuss, showcase, and provide aspects of implementation of openIMIS in order to build capacities in countries as well as set up local, regional, and global support structures of the openIMIS Initiative.

The Implementers Committee meets on a weekly basis in virtual call to accomplish a number of task:

  • Update activities according to functional requirements

  • Review request for implementation support

  • Discuss needs for training material and implementation starter kit

  • Share information about implementations and their possible feedback into the openIMIS Developers Committee

According to current needs, the meetings can spin off extra calls on special topics. The minutes of these meetings are uploaded to the page Implementers Committee Meeting Minutes.

It is composed of the implementing partners and regional hubs, that are involved in the further implementation processes of the openIMIS software. Currently the Implementers Committee consists of the following partners and representatives:









@Saurav Bhattarai @Uwe Wahser @Konstanze Lang

GIZ Nepal


@Nirmal Dhakal @Purushottam Sapkota



@Siddharth Srivastava

@Dragos Dobre

@Daniella Majakari

@Siméon Nsabimana

EPOS Health


@Michael Weinhara

@Gary Asperas

Jembi Health Systems

 South Africa

@Rhonwyn Cornell

@Daniel Futerman

Linda Taylor



@Alvin Marcelo

@Kristin Chloe Pascual

@Charisse Orjalo


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