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All the different components and modules of the openIMIS system are listed on this page. Depending on your needs and context, you may want to use them all or not; however, the minimum components to run openIMIS are:

Find out how to install openIMIS in the openIMIS installation and customization documentation.

The openIMIS demo version is available on our .

openIMIS legacy version (based on Microsoft and Android technologies)

openIMIS Database

openIMIS Web Application



openIMIS Policies mobile application

openIMIS Claims mobile application

openIMIS Policy Renewal Service

openIMIS Feedback Prompt Service

openIMIS Backup Service

openIMIS modular version - Docker scripts (based on Python/Django and Javascript/React)

openIMIS modular version - Backend modules (based on Python/Django)

All BE modules are dependent on the Backend assembly. Follow the Backend installation guide to install these modules.

openIMIS Backend assembly



openIMIS BE Core module

openIMIS BE Insuree module

openIMIS BE Policy module

openIMIS BE Contribution module

openIMIS BE Claim module

openIMIS BE Claim Batch module

openIMIS BE Product module

openIMIS BE Location module

openIMIS BE Medical module

openIMIS BE Medical Pricelist module

openIMIS BE Report module

openIMIS FHIR API module

openIMIS modular version - Frontend modules (based on Javascript/React)

All FE modules are dependent on the Frontend assembly. Follow the Frontend installation guide to install these modules.

openIMIS Frontend assembly

openIMIS FE French Translations module


openIMIS FE Core module

openIMIS FE Home module

openIMIS FE Insuree module

openIMIS FE Policy module

openIMIS FE Claim module

openIMIS FE Claim Batch module

openIMIS FE Administration module

openIMIS FE Product module

openIMIS FE Location module

openIMIS FE Medical module

openIMIS FE Medical Pricelist module

openIMIS FE Tools module

openIMIS FE Profile module



Testing openIMIS

Like every platform that needs to support high traffic, openIMIS is not a simple application that one can run in production without setting up effort but in order to avoid this hassle when testing or developing dockers images were created.

You can find more information on docker here:

openIMIS docker-compose :

Deprecated components


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