openIMIS BE Claim module release notes

GitHub repository: (April 2022)

What's Changed

1.1.4 (October 2020)

Bug fixes

  • Set default Claim status

  • AuditUserIDReview not saved

  • Claim items changes on historized record (instead of live)

Check OP-205 for the full list of modular openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.1.3 (June 2020)


  • Added JSON_ext field to allow custom data

1.1.2 (May 2020)

Bug fixes
Check OMT-208 - “Claim processing: delete dedrems of related to rejected items” which was solved in this release.

1.1.1 (April 2020)

Improvements and bug fixes
Please check Jira ticket OMT-122 for the list of fixes and improvements.