openIMIS BE Location module release notes

The Location module is managing the Location and Health Facilities entities in openIMIS.

GitHub repository: (April 2022)

What's Changed

  • OE0-4: added missing perms and fixed perms value in location module by @sniedzielski in #10

  • Users updates necessary for OfficerVillage by @edarchis in #11

  • OMT-280 Cannot query a just created Region by @edarchis in #12

  • OMT-281 Allow query to auth user with restriction by @edarchis in #13

  • add ci by @delcroip in #14

  • Clean code by @qgerome in #15

  • OE0-76 user districts return type ≠ on tech users by @edarchis in #17

  • perf(UserDistricts): Only take necessary fields when querying get_use… by @qgerome in #18

  • chore(Performance): Add database indexes to improve performance by @qgerome in #22

  • OE0-77: Add OrganizationPHLegalForm and OrganizationPHActivity + update OrganizationHFLegalForm Code Systems by @malinowskikam in #23

  • feat(Location): Add custom Manager that provides parents() & children… by @qgerome in #20

  • fix(CI): Authentication use "Bearer" instead of "JWT" in the authoriz… by @qgerome in #25

  • OAI-61: Return HF in create_or_update function by @dborowiecki in #24

  • bulk-update-openmis-module-test.yml by @delcroip in #26

  • chore(dataloaders): Implement dataloaders for location & health facil… by @qgerome in #21

  • OPL-90: Extend the notifications to allow subscribing Health Facilities by @malinowskikam in #27

1.1.0 (April 2020)

The Location and Health Facilities migrated to new openIMIS modular version
The Locations and Health Facilities management has been migrated into a Python/Django module.