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1.6.2 (April 2022)

What’s Changed

1.6.1 (January 2022)

What’s Changed

1.6.0 (October 2021)

What’s Changed

1.5.1 (April 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed potential NULL errors in ClaimBI.vb

  • Fixed Funding region should not be displayed issue

  • Fix return if no Claim for chosen code

  • Fixed bug with restore after saving new claim

  • Fix dismissing insurance product

  • Changed tblAdministrators to tblClaimAdmins in IMISExtracts

  • Fix inactive insurees checkbox in policies

  • Fix batch run year dropdown

  • Fix product list in policy products, it was displaying same products multiple times

Improvements and new features

  • Updated favicon and logo

  • Made Admin username unchangable

  • Updated control setting names in Enquiry

  • Added claim admins info to phone extract

  • Added Renewal upload right in roles form

Check OP-260 for the full list of legacy openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.5.0 (October 2020)

Bug fixes

  • MatchingFund report was not looking in the database

  • Corrupted XML won’t block offline enrollment upload

  • Corrupted photos won’t block offline enrollment upload

  • Policy value update - condition corrected

  • Photo extract fixed

  • Disable password field for users coming from EO or CA pages

  • Add missing favicon

  • Display of districts in user creation view

  • Interface language updated after language setting change

  • Retrieving product definition from OverviewFamily

  • ICD autocompletion for new claims

Improvements and new features

  • Report SP not hardcoded anymore

  • Application build flavors in escape procedure (on code base for all implementations)

  • Add “imis_max_row_searched“ environment variable to limit maximum result on Claim/Family/Insuree/Payment/Policy/Premium search

  • Changed OverviewFamily payment type label

  • Add proper confirmation message when wrong file format is submitted on offline enrollment uploads

  • Commission overview report update

  • Add restore claim

  • Config check possible at admin login via an escape procedure

  • ClaimHistory Report

Check OP-209 for the full list of legacy openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.4.1 (April 2020)

User Manual in French
The User Manual has been translated to French and can be accessed online on The PDF version of the french manual is also included into the GitHub repository.

[OP-148, OP-149] - Improve the main diagnosis autocomplete 
The main diagnosis autocomplete input has been improved on FindClaim and ClaimOverview pages.

[OP-150] - Show link between contribution and payment
The link between contribution and payment is now displayed on the Payment page.

[OP-138] - Bug fixes
Check the Jira tickets for the list of issues fixed in this release.

1.4.0 (October 2019)

[OS-3] - Increase of the password's strength
The password strength validation can be configured from the Web.config file. For more information please visit WA3.4 Web configuration file.

[OS-5] - Replace DB ids from URLs with UUIDs
In previous versions, the navigation was using database ids to match entities. Starting from this version, the Web Application will use UUIDs for navigation and identification of entities. 

[OS-9] - Customization of offline synchronisation passwords 
The Offline synchronisation passwords can be configured from the Web.config file. The password needs to be the same on both Web Application and Policies mobile application. For more information please visit WA3.4 Web configuration file

Added support for the ePayment module implementation
The ePayment module management is integrated into the REST API. From the Web Application, the user can overview payments done through the ePayment module.

Bug fixes and improvements 
For more detailed information, please check: OP-81OP-83OP-103 

1.3.0 (April 2019)

[OP-50] - [Security] Passwords storage in the database has been replaced 
Passwords are not stored anymore in the database, only password validation information data. 

[OP-59] - [Interface] More information is displayed in the insuree enquiry result
More data fields to the scope of the data provided by the functionality Search Insurance Number/Enquiry is available.

[OP-62] - [Interface] Long drop down lists are replaced by autocomplete text boxes
Some data fields currently with drop down lists are replaced by data fields with autocomplete text boxes.

[OP-63] - [Security] Mobile and web credentials are linked together for enrolment officers and claim administrators
Eliminates potential duplication of data entry in case an enrolment officer or a claim administrator who has to have his/her user account for direct access to openIMIS.

[OP-64] - [Security] Administrators can define new user roles so the users will have access only to the data and functions that they need
Implements besides the current concept of defining user access rights also the concept of user defined roles defining a set of access rights quite generally. The old approach with fixed user roles matches with the generalised concept of user definable roles so that backward compatibility is preserved.

[OP-68] - [Interface] Description of the rejection codes are displayed when the medical services or items rows are hovered in the claims review page
Implements a capability explaining the meaning of reject codes (15 different codes) without a need to consult the user manual.

[OP-70] - [Interface] Show Family/Group type in Family Overview page 
This feature adds this Family type information to the Family overview page.

[OP-72] - [Interface] Display and layout adjustments
Some adjustments on the display and layout were introduced: full names instead of acronyms, consistent usage of the asterisk as an indication of missing mandatory data field, the position of date selectors, indication of unit of measurement for selected data fields, order of menu items.

Nuget packages have been upgraded to the latest version.

1.2.0 (October 2018)

Uploading/downloading of selected registers from/to an external file
Upload / download list of locations and health facilities from external XML files. This can be used to instantiate a new test server for example.

Report on capitation payment-adjustment for inter-regional care
The principle is that also health facilities outside the region (district) will be incorporated in the calculation of capitation payment according to the general capitation formula and they will be also included in the report Capitation Payment provided they cared for insurees of the basic region (district) in a specified period.

Status change of the field Claim Administrator
The field Claim Administrator in the form FindClaims is optional when a new claim is added through the button Add

Optimisation of contributions entry
The field Contribution Paid in the form Premium will be initially populated by the amount needed for full coverage of the value of the policy. The field can be edited. So, if the policy value is 10000 and one contribution 4000 has been already entered, the field will be initially populated with the value 6000 for the second contribution.

Status change of the fields Gender and Guarantee No.
For the field Gender in the forms Family, Insuree, FindFamily and FindInsuree, the options Male, Female is preserved but the option Other may be configured to be omitted in the drop down list

Optimisation of claim management locking
Performance was improved in order to allow multiple simultaneous claims processing by different users.

Change in SQL procedures to allow separate hosting of the web server and SQL Server
The system support installation across different servers i.e. web server and SQL server can be host on different servers.

The SQL Lite and ReportViewer libraries are now retrieved through Nuget packages and no longer need to be installed manually when installing the web app.

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