openIMIS Database release notes

GitHub repository:


1.5.0 (October 2020)

Database optimization:

  • Index created on UserDistrict table

  • Partial indexes for actives row (Validity is null)

Update of the Stored Procedures

  • All Stored Procedure are updated based on the latest version (removed from Web Application source code)

  • MatchPayement SP support new Claim Ready state

  • ClaimOverview / ClaimHistory reports update

  • Change processing Marital status in uspConsumeEnrollments

  • Added uspIndexRebuild SP to facilitate index rebuild

Improve maintainability

  • There is only one database creation script

  • There are three additional scripts for specific usage: offline Health Facility, offline Insurance Office, Demo data set

Bug fixes

  • Cyclic dependency removed between Family and Insuree

  • Capitation report showing too many HF

  • Claim Admininstrator role doesn’t have the right authorities

  • Enrolment Officer role doesn’t have the right authorities

  • Add missing column in tblReporting

  • Fix insert of new EO officer

  • Fix insert User

  • Fix adding Claim Admin in uspUpdateClaimFromPhone

Check OP-209 for the full list of legacy openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.4.2 (April 2020)

Database optimization: tables partitioning and index creation
The database contains now table partitions and creates new indexes to improve script execution.  

Added import tools
The import tools have been moved from the documentation repository to the openIMIS Database repository.

Bug fixes
Check the Jira tickets for the list of issues fixed in this release.

1.4.1 (December 2019) 

Fix the language field length in ONLINE script

1.4.0 (October 2019) 

UUID fields are added to improve security
The identification of entities is now done through the UUID field. The id fields are maintained for backward compatibility. 

New tables for ePayment module support 
New tables have been added for the ePayment module.

New Demo database script 
For demo and testing purposes, a new SQL script to generate the online database with the initial demo data has been included in the repository.

1.3.0 (April 2019) 

Backup files are replaced by initial database SQL creation scripts
Because the passwords storage mechanism has been replaced, the stored procedure SETUP-IMIS has been removed and the installation of the database can be done by executing the new SQL creation scripts. 

Scripts folder has been removed
Scripts folder (used for documentation purposes) has been removed due to it duplication. All scripts can be accessed from the initial database creation scripts. 

1.2.1 (December 2018)  

Fix the default user's password
On SQL Server 2017, when restoring the backup database, the default user's password was set to NULL.

1.2.0 (October 2018) 

Single Github repository for the database
The first Master Version repository included all the openIMIS components. This version integrates new functionalities and is managed in a separate repository. 

SQL Scripts extract
For documentation purposes, the Github repository includes the SQL scripts of the database.