Sources Release 2018-10

All the different components of the openIMIS system are listed on this page. Depending on your needs and context, you may want to use them all or not; however, the required components to run openIMIS are:

  • Database
  • Web application
  • Policy renewal windows service

Find out how to install them in the openIMIS documentation.

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Release notes




Release notes


Web app1.2.0Database 1.2.0
Web services1.2.0Database 1.2.0
Windows service - Policy renewal1.2.0Database (any)
Windows service - Feedback prompt1.2.0Database (any)
Windows service - Backup1.2.0Database (any)
Windows service - Assign photo1.2.0Database (any)
Mobile app - openIMIS1.2.0Web services 1.2.0
Mobile app - Claim management1.2.0Web services 1.2.0
Mobile app - Enquire1.2.0Web services 1.2.0

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