2021-09-02 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 02.09.2021

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Saurav Bhattarai

  • @Dragos Dobre

  • @Patrick Delcroix

  • @Michael Richards (Deactivated)

Topic Proposals:

Presentations / Attachments

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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation PaymentLayer.pptx

Sept 02, 2021 by Uwe Wahser


  • customizable calculation rules can be developed by implementers


Questions - Challenges - Issues

  • What needs to be openIMIS functionality and what can be done by external systems?

  • Use wiki versioning for version comments?

  • Should we schedule calls (presentations within the deep dives?) with experts on some Social Protection programmes that would rely heavily on ‘invoices’ and ‘bills’, so that we are aligned to their processes as much as possible ? Eg. Contributory pension schemes.

    • Gumzo on 4.9. as a starting point

    • upcoming calls with SPIAC-B and active linking through the GIZ colleagues

Next meeting (08.09.2021):

  • Testing scenarios

  • offline / distributed scenarios (metadata, policy and claims)

  • Beyond Health

  • Accounting / Payment layer


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