2021-11-25 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 25.11.2021

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Doreen G. Wamiti

  • @Momodou Lamin Jarju

  • @Dragos Dobre

  • @Purushottam Sapkota

Topic Proposals:

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Payment Layer - short recap:

  • :

    • invoicing and billing in one BE Invoice module (on github develop branch):

    • calculation rules: , ,

    • FHIR Invoice resource mapping & endpoint:

    • working on FHIR bill :

  • :

    • certificates needed from Mojaloop (a challenge that needs to be signed by openIMIS)

      • will work on a local configuration solution for a quick solution, but we’d still need a bigger solution for certificates in the long run

    • ticket open to be able to work on additional attributes: OSD-154, OSD-152

    • working on Mojaloop API in openIMIS

    • Kubernetes no longer needed if Docker image is also working: need feedback from STPH

  • :

    • APIs for MIFOS shared:

    • need clarification:

      • Mifos - Mojaloop: direct connect or via mediator (e.g. openHIM)

      • triggering mechanism from openIMIS - OpenHIM - MIFOS

  • :

    • How can OpenHIM know that data was changed in openIMIS?

      • Events in openIMIS are only internal, API itself does not trigger anything

      • according to BlSq a module to listen to the internal event and push the information to an API (web-hook) in openIMIS is not too complicated

  • Y-Note:


2do list: openIMS - openHIM (going to MIFOS)

Payment layer - workpackages:

  • openIMIS

    • core modules (STPH/SolDevelo)

    • FHIR APIs (STPH/SolDevelo) -

      • definitions: End of this week

      • development: end of next week

    • Payment Switch APIs & module (2M-Corp)

    • MojaLoop customisations/configuration

      • development (2M-Corp)

      • packaging of customisations (2M-Corp)

      • packaging/availing of core software

        • Kubernetes → available on openIMIS servers as VN - who can do the Kubernetes configuration?

        • docker:

        • Alternative: mojaloop sandbox

    • MIFOS customisations/configuration (Healthix)

      • development (Healthix)

        • how can openIMIS accounts be translated to MIFOS? What needs to be done in MIFOS without copying existing openIMIS functionality?

      • packaging of customisations (Healthix)

        • how can the developments packaged and pushed in to a bare MIFOS installation?

      • packaging/availing of core software (link to docker version was shared) - (STPH T1)

    • OpenHIM customisation/ configuration

      • aligning openIMIS (FHIR) to MIFOS (Financial Standards?) - mapping matches to 80% what about the rest? (Healthix)

      • development of the mediators (MTCC)

      • packaging of the mediators (MTCC)

      • packaging/availing the core software (STPH T1)

        • docker compose needs to include special port configurations for nginx (MTCC <> STPH)

    • Sandbox

      • install openIMIS (STPH)

        • QA/showcase: STPH

      • install MojaLoop ( ? )

        • QA/showcase: 2M Corp

      • install MIFOS (STPH)

        • QA/showcase: Healthix

      • install openHIM (STPH)

        • QA/showcase: MTCC

Questions - Challenges - Issues


Next meeting (25.11.2021):

  • Testing scenarios

  • offline / distributed scenarios (metadata, policy and claims)

  • Beyond Health

  • Accounting / Payment layer


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