2019-02 openIMIS Developers Workshop

This page is frequently updated. During the workshop we suggest to keep it open on your phones and to refresh it from time to time. There will be no printout.


Dates: 25.02.2019 - 01.03.2019

Venue: GIZ, , Germany - Room BM13037 (House 1, 3rd Floor, Room 37)

Hotel: Hotel Kanzler, Adenauerallee 148, 53113 Bonn

Participants: Developers Committee & associates


Day 0, Monday, 25.02 - Arrival

This day is a buffer for people to arrive. Those from closer destinations (e.g. Basel, Bruxelles) are invited to come to the room already and help to prepare the workshop. The others should take their time to arrive and freshen up or sleep. Feel free to pass by as soon as you feel comfortable.


Prepare the workshop (set up servers, review schedule, prepare ppts …)

Who ever is there

Day 1, Tuesday, 26.02 - Architecture & Framework

This day should be structured and mainly give inputs for detailed work on day 2. The morning will be presentation heavy, while the afternoon will be a series of sessions comprising of profound introductions into the specific tools by Xavier plus an issue raising session by the audience. These issues will guide the decisions for the groups we need on day 2.

StartEndProgramWho (& Assistant)Tools

Welcome notes

Participants & openIMIS team Bonn

Quick round of introduction (names, organisation, designation, expectations)

Allboard 1, pins, markers, cards
09:4510:00Current openIMIS architecture


10:0010:15Results from the code review (incl. overview Implementations), also see full Code review report Nilsbeamer
10:1510:30Change management overview (github & jira)Dragosbeamer
10:3010:45Coffee break


Notice C: Introduce teams tasks and strategies (15 min each & 15 min Q&A)

11:4512:00openIMIS in the OpenHIE spaceCarlbeamer
12:0012:30Broad overview on the proposed technology stackXavierbeamer


New Technology options according to project phase

  • Docker components and deployment
  • Phase 1: Rebuilding Menu
  • Phase 2: Extract GUI & business logic into modules
Xavier (Uwe) & allboard 2 - 5, pins, markers, cards
15:3015:45Coffee break


New Technology options according to project phase (II)

  • Phase 3: Database shift
  • Phase 4: Re-factor per module
Xavier (Uwe) & allboard 6, pins, markers, cards
17:3018:00Topic proposals for next day (un-conference style)Uwe & allboard 7, pins, markers, cards

Day 2, Wednesday, 27.02. - Training / Un-Conference

The second day will give a chance to iron out all issues of the first day per topic. At the end of the day there will be a decision making process with a consensus decision on the future tools.

StartEndProgramWho (& Assistant)Tools
09:0009:15Topic revisions & voting & groupsUwe & allboard 7, pins, markers, cards
09:1510:15Issues in the technology stack as preparation for the Tool decision conclavePlenumall boards
10:1510:30Coffee break

10:3011:30Implementation, migration, strategyPlenum

all boards

11:3012:30IntegrationPlenumall boards
12:3014:00Lunch & site visit at BaseCamp

14:0014:15Topic revisions & voting & groupsUwe & allboard 7, pins, markers, cards
14:1515:15Meet the Implementers CommitteeViktoriabeamer
15:1515:45Overview FHIRKamilbeamer
15:4516:15Overview openHIMDanielbeamer
16:1517:30Guest-presentation: GNU HealthDr. Axel Braunbeamer
17:30openTool decision conclaveAllblack smoke / white smoke

Day 3, Thursday, 28.02. - Harmonized Workplan

This day will be focused on the implementation. Overlaps and dependencies should be identified and milestones adjusted accordingly.

StartEndProgramWho (& Assistant)Tools

openIMIS BI - Indicator discussion

Monitorin & Reporting - indicators for health financing

Harsh & Carl
09:3010:45Introduce individual team workplans (10 min each & 15 min Q&A)6 teamsbeamer, boards 2-7, pins, markers, cards
10:4511:00Identify overlapsteamsbeamer, boards 2-7, pins, markers, cards
11:0013:00Lunch in a traditional German setting

13:0015:00Harmonize workplans & milestones: Draft Workplan 2019teamsbeamer, boards 2-7, pins, markers, cards
15:0017:00Identify priority modules for re-architecturingallbeamer, boards 2-7, pins, markers, cards
17:0018:00Review expectations of day 1Uwe & allboard 1, pins, markers, cards

Day X: Friday, 01.03. - Departure

01.03. (Friday): Departure / Alternatively: move to private accommodation and get lost in the remaining four days of crazy carnival action.

Additional topic Requests:

  • Extended Github workflow
  • Issue tracking
  • SolDevelo Time Tracker
  • Standards-based Integration (past experiences + future ideas)
  • Strategy to allow work on integrations at the same time as rearchitecture
  • FHIR tech dive
  • Calendar neutral architecture - learnings from Nepal DHIS2 Implementation (input from harsh atal?)
  • Openmrs and bahmni integration with OpenIMIS approach similarities and reusability

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