2022-11-24 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 24.11.2022

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Dragos Dobre

  • @Eric Darchis

  • @Thibault Dethier


Topic Proposals:

  • openIMIS documentation platforms

Presentations / Attachments

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  • Installation, Configuration, development: Wiki (priority)

  • User Documentation: readthedocs



  • documentation types: installation, configuration, customization, (implementers, developers)

  • PDF export from any user (this was integrated in legacy FE)

  • anonymous read access

  • multiple users edits/ access to source

  • Professional look and feels of the pdf (latex like)

  • easy access and edit experience


    • markdown

  • Translations management

    • Machine translation

    • Identification of changes

    • cross-linking (language versions)

  • Version management (esp. diff)

  • online, SaaS, free of cost

  • Integration into exiting documentation & services (e.g. service desk)

  • avoid redundancy (single point of truth)

  • integration of graphics

  • replacement of graphics for implementation specific documentation


  • Google Docs

  • MS Word 365

  • Confluence

    • in openIMIS Wiki

    • in openIMIS KB

    • in specific space

  • Readthedocs

  • Gitbook

  • github-readme.md / wiki

  • Simple HTML

  • CMS


  • github - localize - readthedoc

    • github: edits of the document

    • manual / github-maketext: creation of strings for upload to localize

    • localize: create french version from english keys

    • localize: manual corrections of french version for export to gihub

    • readthedocs: pulling version from github and rendering

Next steps:

  • next week: Demo of Gitbook

  • discussion & decision at community conference

  • until then: continue with wiki / readthedocs

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