2022-07-28 Developers Deep Dive Call



Date: 28.07.2022

Objective: Weekly space for deep dive topics

Participants: (kindly only add your own names, not those of other participants)

  • @Uwe Wahser

  • @Marco Kalin

  • @Dragos Dobre

  • @Eric Darchis

  • @Damian Borowiecki

  • @Alex Motoc

Topic Proposals:

  • Documentation platforms

Presentations / Attachments

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  • User documentation on http://docs.openimis.org (ReadTheDocs via GitHub) - Not up2date

  • GitBook for installation documentation

    • Multi-language support

  • Module documentation needed / Definition of a “Module”

    • Each module has a configuration (json)

  • Developers documentation

    • Documentation per “module”

      • Services provided

      • Contribution points

    • Generated from source code (ReadTheDocs via GitHub)

      • Same platform like for the user documentation

      • Can be mainly automated per GitHub actions and scripts

      • Can be seen in GitHub and be exported to HTML, PDF (Latex) and be displayed by ReadTheDocs

      • Possible automatic translations?

      • Output formats: HTML (including Windows HTML Help), LaTeX (for printable PDF versions), ePub, Texinfo, UNIX manual pages, plain text

    • Integration with implementers point of view is needed

  • Discussion needed

    • Use of GitBook - Integration with Wiki

    • Use of ReadTheDocs for Developer Documentation - Integration with Wiki

      • Multiple different target audiences

        • Developer gets access to the full details (link to documentation on ReadTheDocs)

        • Implementers get an extract of specific information (e.g. configuration)

          • Possible to embed in Wiki? (automated / not copied)

          • Make it more accessible for non-IT people


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Documentation management platform 


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