2021-04-16 Finance and Insurance Services PartnerHack - 6 monthly


Date - Time: 2020-10-16, 11:00 am - 12:00 am UCT / 13:00 pm - 14:00 pm CEST

Venue: virtual platforms

Participating Organisations:

  • openIMIS

    • GIZ

    • Bluesquare

  • Digital Square

  • Healthix

  • Speedykom

Aim & Objectives

According to the wishes of the participants from https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/1575845994 , we are having 6 monthly calls to stay connected and discuss further activities.

Agenda / Minutes

  1. News from all the teams (e.g. 30 minutes in total)

    1. openIMIS:

      1. Report from openIMIS community workshop (https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/2242641921 )

      2. AI workshop @ Insurlab has started with a challenge on the openIMIS AI - participation is still possible.

    2. Healthix:

      1. APIs for data exchange in formal sector schemes

      2. Project is done - contributions are being shared to openIMIS and OpenHIM repositories

      3. a demo of openIMIS exchanging data with the Healthix software was done and will be installed on the openIMIS demo-servers.

    3. Speedkom:

      1. former consulting on SAP-BW datawarehouses

      2. now working in several GIZ contracts in different sectors on software development

      3. exploring opportunities of openIMIS

  2. [tbd]

  3. AOB

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