3. Aperetif

You might be routined in participating in openIMIS Community Meetings or you are new here. - Click your way through this aperitif and you will be much better informed when joining any of the sessions of the Community Meeting!  

First, let us briefly introduce each other to show you who joins, what topics and tasks who is taking care of. This is followed by a quick revision of latest developments of the openIMIS initiative, objectives and target outputs of the Community Meeting. If you are organising a session or presenting, you will find links to templates and resources here that should be used in line with the openIMIS Corporate Design. ;)  

We even have an idea of how to present the session result of the Community Meeting later on to share them in the wiki and on the openIMIS website and feed them into the openIMIS Steering Group Meeting in April 2021. For this you find example formats provided so that it will be easier to compile them across all sessions. Finally, to give you a feel for how to get around during the virtual Community Meeting, you also find here intros on the tools that we use in preparation, during the virtual meeting and in the follow-up.