1. Objectives of the Community Meeting

The openIMIS initiative grows and thrives from contributions by each of you! Together, we would like to use the community to showcase various aspects of the openIMIS community, the development of the openIMIS product, as well as share experiences and ideas around various openIMIS implementations. We would like the community meeting to enable us to pick up the diverse threads of teams and their work in order to jointly weave in one direction. 


The specific objectives of the community meeting is to:

  • Provide updates and knowledge sharing on latest developments in the various aspects of openIMIS. 

  • Learn together and tap into the experience of fellow geeks 

  • Collect, analyze and take action based on feedback and inputs across diverse task teams and implementations  

  • Develop joint strategies and aligned activity plans (e.g. openIMIS 5th anniversary campaign, )  

  • Allow space for highlighting your contributions and show the impact of your work 

  • Enable coordination between us for smooth collaboration 

  • Provide re-assurance on the fun and value of doing all this together! :)