Communication Materials

In this subsection, you will find materials that can be used to further promote openIMIS on brochures, presentations and so on. Logos and icons that have been used in current communication material can be found here. Please use these material to grow the openIMIS Initiative.





Corporate Identity

Includes openIMIS Logo, templates for powerpoint presentations, brochures, governance structure and timeline

Governance Structure Graphic

PPT and Image file in English and French

Material for Communication and Starter Kit

Includes openIMIS demo, fact sheets, glossary and presentations w/o country cases

Process Flow Graphic

PPT and Image file in English and French

Timeline Graphic

PPT and Image file in English and French

Technical Writing Guide (external)

Not from openIMIS but useful style guide for technical documentation

Additional Material

Open source icons and images for presentation. 

QR code

Different versions of QR codes for the website

Digital Public Good

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