Corporate Identity Essentials

The openIMIS community uses a unified corporate identity scheme. The following guidelines are recommended for presentations and publications concerning openIMIS.

Our openIMIS design manual and brand guidelines

openIMIS 5th anniversary Preview
openIMIS 5th anniversary sticker 

openIMIS 5th anniversary sticker white

openIMIS 5th anniversary sticker solo

openIMIS 5th anniversary sticker solo white

openIMIS 5th anniversary teams background 

Header openIMIS 5th anniversaryheader openIMIS 5th anniversary.png
Header openIMIS Toumaiheader openIMIS toumai.png

Header openIMISheader openIMIS.png
Footer openIMIS

footer openIMIS1.png
Footer openIMISfooter openIMIS2.png
Footer openIMISfooter openIMIS3.png
Footer openIMISfooter openIMIS4.png
Footer openIMIS 5th anniversaryfooter 5th anniversary.png
Footer openIMIS Toumaifooter toumai.png