2. Participants and registration

Who should be in? 

  • openIMIS actual, future and co-implementers  

  • developers of openIMIS software and software that (might soon have) links to it 

  • user organisations and scheme operators who already work with openIMIS or are considering to do so 

  • community members of other open source software projects in health and social protection who feel like this could be their second home 

  • academia – faculty & students whose background in ICT, health financing, social protection or … got them in touch with openIMIS 



To give us a better overview of how many participants we can expect for the virtual sessions - which helps us to optimally design our collaboration methods - please accept our outlook request on the three dates - 17, 25 and 31 March 2021. Please do so until 25 February 2021. We understand your outlook confirmation as registration to be part of the openIMIS Community Meeting!