openIMIS Stakeholder Committee - Terms of Reference

The primary function of the openIMIS Stakeholder Committee is to provide advice to support the overall outcomes of the openIMIS Initiative. The Stakeholder Committee is expected to provide guidance on the initiative in growing the community of practice, building a robust yet flexible product and increasing implementations of the tool for managing various types of social protection schemes.

The Stakeholder Committee works in conjunction with the Product Committee and Technical Advisory Group, which have separate activities and functions within the openIMIS Initiative. The components of the openIMIS Initiative are defined and further described in

Members of the Stakeholder Committee ensure that the Initiative’s overall vision reflects in its activities, and the direction of the initiative remains efficient and effective. In practice, these responsibilities are carried out by performing the following functions:

  • Discuss and contribute to the development of the technical roadmap of openIMIS, following recommendations made by the Product Group and Technical Advisory Group

  • Support Initiative workflows and actively contribute in the frame of the Governance structure;

  • Assist partners and members of the Initiative through coordination and collaboration;

  • Advise on the scope and direction of the Initiative as emerging issues force changes to be considered, ensuring alignment with the agreed vision of the Initiative and key stakeholder groups;

  • Foster positive communication within and outside of the Stakeholder Committee regarding the Initiative and its outcomes;

  • Engage in political advocacy for the Initiative, e.g. by promoting openIMIS in relevant events.

  • Support the outreach of the openIMIS Initiative to foster new relationships/partnerships with other donors or relevant stakeholders.

  • Regularly participate in, and contribute to relevant discussions, forums, proposals and activities of the Initiative;

  • Regularly participate in the openIMIS Steering Group Meeting

Governance Structure of openIMIS Initiative


Stakeholder Committee Composition

The Stakeholder Committee is to be composed of representatives from

  • Organizations providing financial resources directly to the initiative or an implementation (all)

  • Scheme operators using openIMIS (2 representatives)

  • Representatives from Implementers Committee (2 representatives)

  • Representatives Developers Committee (2 representatives)

  • Unaffiliated health / social protection financing experts (2 representatives)

  • Representatives from bilateral, multi-lateral organisations with expertise on health / social protection and/or digitalisation

Stakeholder Committee members may nominate an alternate to represent their organisation. The respective nominees are entitled to discuss and advise on direction and activities of the Initiative.  The names of the respective nominees are to be presented in writing (email) to the openIMIS Coordination Desk before the commencement of any meeting of the Stakeholder Committee.

A Stakeholder Committee member’s term is to be two (2) years.

The Stakeholder Committee can pro-actively invite new members to the Stakeholder Committee if so decided by the majority. The openIMIS Coordination Desk will support the Stakeholder Committee members in the process of inviting new members.


An organisation can be represented only once – either through the Developers or the Implementers Committee

Stakeholder Committee Meetings & Conference

The Stakeholder Committee will meet at least twice a year (virtually or face to face).

openIMIS Stakeholder Committee Meetings consist of a public meeting (Stakeholder Conference - outreach and advocacy) with guests and a closed reflection meeting. Notes from the Stakeholder Conference are publicly available on the openIMIS Wiki. Notes from the reflection meetings are initially shared with the Stakeholder Committee members and the Steering Group and made publicly available on the openIMIS Wiki only after approval by both.

Eligibility and process to join the Stakeholder Committee

Eligibility Criteria

  • institutional background as a

    • donor organisation (all commissioners of the openIMIS Coordination Desk and additional members from the Steering Group),

    • scheme operator using openIMIS (2 representatives on a rotating basis),

    • member representing the Implementers’ and Developers’ Committees (2 representatives each[2]),

    • bilateral or multi-lateral organisation working on digital health and/or social protection and/or digitalisation (xx); or

    • unaffiliated health financing / social protection expert (2 experts),

  • Agreeing to (written form) and acting in line with the Terms of Reference for the openIMIS Stakeholder Committee

  • Agreeing to (written form) the principles of the openIMIS Initiative

  • Acknowledging (written form) the governance structure of the openIMIS Initiative


Step 1

To join the Stakeholder Committee an institution expresses their interest in written form (email) to the openIMIS Coordination Desk. A short explanation on the motivation to join the Stakeholder Committee and to support the openIMIS initiative should be added.

 Step 2

At the point of establishing the Stakeholder Committee the openIMIS Coordination Desk will consult all expressions of interest with the commissioners of the initiative, BMZ and SDC, and inform candidates individually on the decision in a timely manner.

 Step 3

Prior to joining as a Stakeholder Committee member, the openIMIS Coordination Desk will contact and ask the candidate organisation or expert to confirm in written form (email):


The openIMIS Initiative’s Coordination Desk is to act as the secretariat of the openIMIS Stakeholder Committee. The secretariat will be responsible for organising the meetings of the Stakeholder Committee, to facilitate the setting of the agenda, and to disseminate information to all Stakeholder Committee members.