DHIS2 Dashboards

openIMIS is able to interoperate with DHIS2, primarily to be able to send data from openIMIS to a DHIS2 instance for advanced analytics and the creation of dashboards. While every implementation of openIMIS has their own set of indicators, dashboards, and data analysis needs, the openIMIS initiative has created a sample dashboard based on a variety of indicators related to Beneficiary Management and Claims Management, as well as some overall Operational aspects.

Sample Dashboards


You can access a demo version of the DHIS2 instance for openIMIS here:

Demo Instance: https://ln1.hispindia.org/openimis/

Username: openIMIS
Password: Imis@1234

If you would like to understand the software development aspects of the interoperability/integration between openIMIS and DHIS2, the resources are available at: https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/900825134


The dashboards were created based on indicators designed and collected from various implementations of openIMIS and other sources focused on Beneficiary Management, Claims Management, and Scheme Operations.

Beneficiary Management

Claims Management

Operational Indicators



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