openIMIS-DHIS2 Integration

The process resulted in the acceptance of three proposals, of which one was to develop functionality that would allow DHIS2 to be an analytics, reporting and visualization solution for openIMIS, proposed by the team.

Before work began on the software development for the integration between the two systems, multiple discussions were held in the community of practice to agree on a set of indicators for health financing schemes using openIMIS data that could be visualized using DHIS2. While not an exhaustive list, the indicators agreed on by the community provide a holistic picture of the information available through openIMIS. Following the agreement on the set of indicators, the integration between openIMIS and DHIS2 was built based on the agreed to in the community of practice and was developed according to the document.

The instructions for initializing the openIMIS dashboards in a DHIS2 instance can be found in


A demo of the dashboards developed in DHIS2, using sample, anonymized and randomized data from Nepal, is also available for you! You can access it using the following credentials:

Additional details can be found at

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