AeHIN-openIMIS Country Hub in the Philippines

Advancing the 2030 Agenda through openIMIS

The openIMIS initiative works to include excluded populations into social (health) protection schemes by improving the schemes’ data and information management capacities through openIMIS.

openIMIS is the first open-source software for the linking of the beneficiary, provider and payer data.

It benefits the management of the social health protection system by optimizing process flows, promoting transparency, enhancing financial management, and providing a means for beneficiary identification and tracking.

openIMIS Community of Practice in Asia

As part of this initiative, AeHIN is leading the formation of an openIMIS Community of Practice (CoP) in Asia.

This community engages with ministries, health education institutions, medical student associations, interoperability labs, and related groups to explore possible use cases for openIMIS implementation in Asia, particularly in the academic setting.

To support the application of ICT solutions for social health protection, the openIMIS CoP in Asia works on contextualizing capacity-building strategies and supplementary knowledge materials with the specific needs of countries.

These insights are also expected to refine knowledge products on ICT solutions for social (health) protection at the global level.

Learn more about the Application of openIMIS in Medical Universities in the Philippines here.


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